Hair shine spray: reasons for you to have one

The hairspray spray leaves hair looking healthy. But not only that! Find out why having one at home can be a good idea. For further info, click here: best shine spray for hair

You probably have already seen the hairspray spray in some perfumery. It may even be that you were wrong to buy it, while actually looking for a fixing spray. But know that the shine spray is the type of product that can change the face of your hairstyle!

The product appeared a few years ago and promised to be like a make-up for the hair: it gave shine, even if the strands were very opaque. Time has passed and these benefits have only increased! There are already versions that even treat the threads while giving the shine. Others also neutralize odors - and are ideal for men and women who smoke, for example.

Finally, if you have oily hair and are concerned with the shine effect, know that this type of spray can be an option for finishing, contrary to what it seems. Discover good reasons to have hair shine spray with the tips below.

Hair shine spray: what is it for?

The hair shine spray is a wildcard when it comes to creating a hairstyle. It finishes the look, guaranteeing threads full of shine, as the name of the product indicates. But not only that! The spray still creates a film around the hair - the same one that makes the hair more reflective, preventing the hair, when in contact with water, creating frizz . The shine spray also protects the wires from pollution, dirt and cigarette odor.

How to apply the shine spray

When it comes to spraying your hair, there is a good chance that you will make a mistake in the quantity and sin by the excess. Therefore, there is an error-proof application method: after finishing the hairstyle, spray the spray in the air and “enter” the cloud formed by the product. Thus, the effect of the shine spray on the hair will be more subtle and natural.

I have greasy hair. Can I use?

Yes! In this case, look on the product packaging for the term oil free . This ensures that the oiliness will not be even more evident in your hair and prevents the strands from looking dirty. When applying the product, spray the shine spray away from the root. So, there is no mistake!

Post-completion care

Finishing products often contain alcohol in the formula. To deal with the dryness caused by this type of item, the tip is to opt for moisturizing products among the post-finalization care. Do not discard the use of your favorite mask after that party where you sprayed your hair. Another tip is to pay attention to the spray formula: there are products on the market that have moisturizing actives and that, in addition to the make-up effect, also take care of the hair.

 Do you regularly use gloss spray and other finishers? So washing with anti-residue shampoo should be part of your hair care routine. Is that the accumulation of this type of product can leave hair heavy and dull. Therefore, it is essential to wash the wires once a week with the product and then apply a moisturizing mask.